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Get one hour of free rides on electric scooter in Brussels – Felyx & Scooty vouchers


Scooty discontinues its scooter sharing service in Brussels and Antwerp

Here’s the email sent on Monday 27th July 2020 by Scooty to all its customers:

It’s easy. I’m not talking of the kick scooters known in French as trottinettes or in Italian as monopattini. I’m talking of real scooters, like Vespa, but electric. Brussels offer many solutions of green mobility In Brussels there are a few companies such as Villò (heavy normal bikes, quite cheap, they can be linked to your Mobib card and can be taken and left only at their own stations) or e-bikes such as Billy (blue) and Jump (red, by Uber), available everywhere, despite frequent acts of vandalism. Then, there are a lot of kickscooters companies like Lime, Poppy, Dott. Some companies are already out of the local market, like Bird, the first kickscooter network in the city, that lasted only a few months (I was a charger, quite hard to find any around). Their fast proliferation is causing issues to the traffic. They aren’t that safe and some cities, like Milan, banned them.

The most popular e-scooters are Scooty – red color, it was the first to appear a few years ago – and Felyx, green colour, newest. Their mobile app and website are very similar, as well as the scooters. There are also a few Poppy – the company offers also kickscooters and cars.

Unfortunately, their speed is limited by law to 49Km/h, which is fine to get anywhere in Brussels in a matter of minutes. Still double speed than the kickscooters or a bike. The normal cost is around 25 cents/minute unless you decide to park and wait (in that case it’s just 7 cents/minute).

You can find the closest e-scooter on the map and book it. It won’t be taken for 15 minutes, the time you need to unblock it and start your ride. Scooty offers the possibility to block it for longer, up to 30 minutes, but the difference between the first 15 minutes and the limit of 30′ is paid at parking rate (7 cents/min).

Normally, they have two helmets inside, but sometimes you will find only one. Scooty has two sizes (M and XL) whilst generally Felyx has only XL.

Before parking check the area you’re going to. They can’t be taken or parked all over the city. Some communes out of the 19 that compose Brussels region aren’t covered.

Just register to the two services and you can receive a free credit of 30 minutes on each service using the vouchers below.

To benefit of the credit you have to register a brand new account clicking the links below and using the related coupon codes:

  • SCOOTY: eG32mwQA – service discontinued since 27/07/2020

  • FELYX: oju4PGqJ

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