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Voluntary Disclosure Bis Italy

Voluntary Disclosure Italiana Bis – Information architecture, lead generation, paid search, SEO

The Social Stock Exchange crowdfunding campaign (minisite)
The Social Stock Exchange crowdfunding campaign (minisite) – IA

RERCT – Information Architecture, User-Experience, lead generation, web design, search marketing, SEO


Swiss Banking Lawyers by Caputo & Partners AG, Zurich
Swiss Banking Lawyers by Caputo & Partners AG, Zurich

DIvine Bamboo

Divine Bamboo, Kampala, Uganda. E-commerce and coordinated social media presence.

Reset Italia

Reset Italia – online since 2007, among the Top 20 Collaborative Italian Blogs, Italy (closed in 2016).


Francesco Attanasi onlus, Soleto (Lecce)

Associazione Francesco Attanasi ONLUS, Soleto (Lecce), Italy. Insitutional website for a non-profit and online registration form with payments.

Alarm Store Milano

Alarm Store, Milan, Italy. Corporate website and SEO.



Giovani Italiani Europa / Bruxelles

Giovani Italiani Europa, Bruxelles, Belgium. New design.

LmK Music Production

LmK Music Production, Cagliari, Italy. New design and SEO.

Digital Marketing by

 blog by

Photography by

Paolo Margari photography. Artistic portfolio.

Mozica01 El Bereber

Mozica01 / El Beréber: Wordpress CMS, web analytics

Other projects:

  • – local portal (2000-2002)
  • – local classifieds (2005-2013)
  • (2001-2004) / finalist as best web community at Italian Web Awards 2003
  • – city blog with web tv (2007-2009)
  • – local radio broadcast with online streaming (1999-2006)
  • LavoroIT – job hunting services (2013-2014)