Essential tools and opportunities for any online business

Before deep-diving into a new online initiative, have a look at these new tools that can improve and speed up your workflow and the quality of services provided.

Learn new skills or improve existing ones

Never stop learning! These opportunities can seriously boost your career, business and quality of life. Learn from top industry experts for free or very limited costs, at your pace, from any place.

Learn from the leading global marketplace for learning and instruction. By connecting students all over the world to the best instructors, this amazing platform is helping individuals reach their goals and pursue their dreams.

In just one hour, learn the essential keyword research skills for free, with a top industry search engine optimization (SEO) expert.

Surf safely with a good VPN

Protect your connection from risks. VPNs use encryption to scramble data when it’s sent over a Wi-Fi network. Encryption makes the data unreadable. Data security is especially important when using a public Wi-Fi network (like cafes, offices, etc.) because it prevents anyone else on the network from eavesdropping on your internet activity.

Build your own online presence

Fast, secure, reliable and with the best customer service ever (via chat, phone, ticket – and multilingual), essential to solving any possible issue that you might encounter.

Among the world’s most popular, convenient and trusted registrars, it offers also the new domain extensions. Not advised for hosting.

Why going for basic themes when you can impress your visitors or clients with exceptional design, fast, secure, updated that costs very little? Discover these premium WordPress templates build for many purposes, from Woocommerce to corporate, from professionals to creatives. Stand out of the crowd.

Join more than 180,000 entrepreneurs who’ve trusted Volusion e-commerce software to create successful online stores.

Enrich your website features and UX

From small business owners to big companies, this tool can help you manage bookings, payments, clients, sending notifications (via email or SMS), dealing with cancellations, vouchers, gifts, integration with social networks and Google Calendar, and more.

Here’s a good alternative.

WPML lets authors write content in different languages and translate content. It also includes advanced features for translation management and an interface for professional content translation. It’s a great solution for SEO because it helps to rank in different geographies – this website uses WPML.

Fundamental, easy to set up, highly professional. Starting here you’ll benefit a 10% discount.

Improve the ranking of your online presence

You can’t have a website without a good SEO tool. Don’t accept just basic metrics but go beyond adding competitive insights, link building features, content marketing support, social media analytics and more. This is the best price/quality tool, including professional courses and certifications.

Mangools is a bundle of 5 simple but powerful SEO tools like the very popular KWFinder made for an effective SEO workflow. Loved by beginners, trusted by professionals. KWFinder is a simple & super user-friendly keyword tool. Work more efficiently right from the beginning. Get ahead of your competition. Analyze your competitors’ keywords in a matter of a few seconds.

This platform facilitates the relationship between brands and companies (advertisers) with media, editors and influencers (publishers) helping to improve your ranking on search engines. Everything you need for your digital marketing strategy in a single platform; buy content, sponsored posts in blogs and press and mentions of influencers.

A convenient offer from a leading US provider to guarantee better ranking in a relatively short time.

Boost your online business fast: more traffic, more leads, more sales

With this bunch of tools, you’ll have a perfect toolkit to boost your presence and/or business online. Identify top content, analyse visitor behaviour, learn how to grow traffic.

Manage and improve your social media presence

A complete social media management suite, through which you can monitor what’s going on the social-sphere, plan, measure, boost.

Get access to a great coworking space

Work wherever you like in the world from premium-class venues.

Invest your revenue in good assets

The world is talking about cryptocurrency but it seems hard to choose a reliable service to start or manage your digital assets. This is the most popular and trusted service to buy, exchange, store, get paid or pay using the most popular cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and more.

Invest like a pro following the top performers in the market. With this platform, you can replicate the investment strategies of expert investors with proven success. But never forget, investing in whatever area, in particular in some assets like shares or crypto, can be highly risky so never put too many eggs into one basket.

Engage your audience with a newsletter

Email is an old channel but it always works. If you build a great content shared regularly but not too often, with useful information for an interested audience, you can have a great source of traffic which is free and already qualified, because subscribers have already shown interest on your topic when deciding to receive news from you. Mind the privacy!

Monetize your website

Earn money by selling sponsored posts on your blog or newspaper, mentioning on your social networks and writing articles for brands.

Add affiliate links to your external links. Ideal for USA, Canada.

Add affiliate links to your external links. Ideal for UK and EU. Websites have to be approved first. WordPress plugin available. Ideal if the partner does not accept your website through the main affiliate platform, still good revenue share.

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