11 growth tactics for your eCommerce: free eBook download

11 Growth Tactics for your Ecommerce Business - Ebook download

11 Growth Tactics for Your Ecommerce Business: Step-by-Step Case Studies and Data-Driven Best Practices is a very useful guide published by Hallam and SUMRush, world leader SEO platform, to help e-commerce managers to improve traffic and sales to their online shop.

In the last few years, the competition online and in the SERPs has only intensified, and for businesses to succeed, it’s crucial that they’re aware of the strengths and weaknesses of their own marketing efforts, so they can continue to improve.

This research includes findings from over 8,000 eCommerce sites.

Specifically, the authors looked at the following aspects:

  • How ecommerce companies have optimized their sites for mobile — especially now that mobile is leading the way in search.
  • SERP features ecommerce businesses should take advantage of.
  • Backlink strategies ecommerce sites are using to help to win the best positions.
  • Technical SEO considerations that increase site speed and enhance user experience.
  • How ecommerce sites are successfully implementing AMP, and combining this with PWAs.
  • Optimization of images for visual search and conversion rates. Schema markup for product pages that will improve site performance.
  • User buying habits, and how e-commerce sites can predict these patterns.
  • How to utilize the right emotional triggers to increase sales.
  • How to choose the attribution model that best represents the distribution of conversion value.

Download it here for free (PDF)